Septu summary:  According to this press release (, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. discovered that it was ‘subject to unauthorised access from outside the company’ in June. The attackers were probably looking for information about military aircraft and submarines produced by the company.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. said Monday that some data may have been breached as a result of unauthorized access to a server in Japan.

The hack may have targeted defence-related information held by Kawasaki Heavy, which produces aircraft and submarines for the Defense Ministry.

Kawasaki Heavy said it found fraudulent server access via a company base in Thailand during a system audit on June 11 this year, and confirmed the possibility of data breach.

The administrator identification and password of the company’s domestic system had been stolen, Kawasaki Heavy said.

Fraudulent access from outside the company started in September 2019, at the latest, according to the company.

An investigation by Kawasaki Heavy also detected illegal access via company bases in Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States, it said.

Kawasaki Heavy said it has already strengthened its information security measures. No unauthorized access has been confirmed since August this year, according to the company.

“We deeply apologize for causing troubles and worries,” Kawasaki Heavy said in a statement.

From:  Japan Times